Effective utilisation of our resources and relationships are an integral part of our plan to drive long-term sustainable growth.

Our resources and relationships form the inputs to our business model, which are utilised and transformed in the process of value creation. The outputs of our business model are detailed below and throughout the report.

1Through the expertise of our partners and well-trained colleagues . . .

Training and accreditation, such as our 3-Gears training programme in Retail or our electric / hybrid vehicle maintenance training in Autocentres, ensures that consistent product knowledge and service reaches our customers across all locations.

2We are able to leverage the Halfords brand . . .

Halfords is the nation's go-to-retailer for motorists and cyclists. We have a range of exclusive and highly-regarded brands including Apollo, Carrera and Boardman in Cycling, as well as our Halfords Advanced ranges in Motoring.

Business Model

4. . . to delight our customers every time

We aim to grow our business by attracting more customers, encouraging them to buy more products and services, and persuading them to visit our stores and Autocentres more often. To do this we make four promises:

Prices you can trust

Range you can rely on

Quality you can trust

Service that wows

3Through our portfolio of convenient Retail stores and Autocentres, efficient distribution network and agile, user-friendly websites . . .

We want to create a compelling shopping experience that excites customers, improves their knowledge of our products and services, and engages them emotionally with our brand. Our ambition is to create a service-led, fully integrated digital proposition which will maintain our ongoing relevance.

Our model is underpinned by our financial discipline, astute purchasing and strategic reinvestments.

We are a cash generative business and are well supported by our banking syndicate, having amended and extended our debt facility in the year.

Our integrated approach to sustainability keeps economic, social and environmental considerations in mind, as well as the material issues of our stakeholder groups to inform our model and operations.


Financial Resources

Generating returns to our shareholders through effective management of our financial resources.


Developing our brand through innovation and expertise.


Developing, rewarding and retaining our circa 10,000 colleagues so that they are engaged and driving our long-term sustainable growth ambitions.

Physical and IT Infrastructure

Maintaining and developing our infrastructure and sales channels to strengthen competitive advantages.


Building relationships with suppliers, customers and the communities around us.


The environmental resources that Halfords utilises in its operations.

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