The following are the major deferred tax assets and liabilities recognised by the Group and movements thereon in the current and prior reporting periods.

Property related items
Short-term timing differences
Share-based payments
Intangible assets
At 1 April 20161.5(0.1)0.6(2.0)
Credit/(charge) to the income statement3.5(2.2)(0.5)0.8
Credit to other comprehensive income0.50.5
Acquisition of subsidiary(2.7)(2.7)
Charge to equity0.60.6
At 31 March 20175.0(4.5)1.2(2.5)(0.8)
Credit/(charge) to the income statement(1.4)(1.9)0.30.9(2.1)
Credit to other comprehensive income0.20.2
Credit to equity(0.3)0.3
At 30 March 20183.6(6.5)1.8(1.6)(2.7)

Deferred income tax assets and liabilities are offset when the Group has a legally enforceable right to do so and when the deferred income taxes relate to the same fiscal authority. The offset amounts are as follows:

52 weeks to
30 March
52 weeks to
31 March
Deferred tax assets5.46.2
Deferred tax liabilities(8.1)(7.0)